Waaneiza WorldWide (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

The Corporate

The Corporate Vision

The Corporate Vision is to make “The Organization of Holistic Investors, OHI” . The OHI means the organization’s members are rich in Holistic Values, both Physical & Spiritual means. The Corporate has the Ultimate & Holistic Vision & well communicated. The Driving Force or the Motivation for the Mission is to make sharing the Holistic Values to Generations’ Generations.

The Corporate Mission

The Corporate Mission is to create “The Ultimate & Holistic Values” amongst the Stakeholders. The Corporate definition of Stakeholders extend to not only the Stakeholders but also their Society, their Environment & their Planet. The Corporate Mission is to Make Change the Better Values of The People, The Organization, The Nation & The World.

The Mission Philosophy

Waaneiza Worldwide Corporate members embrace Myanmar's core philosophy that one’s genius love, kindness, compassion and affection will be reflected to oneself. That is the strong believing on “Cause and Its Effect” . Sincerity, politeness and honesty are unique attributes of Myanmar people and also of our corporate members.

The Mission Principles

The Corporate has The Ultimate & Holistic 9 Principles for Value Creating Operations. The 9 Principles are connected in looped structure. The Main & Core Value Creating Principle is Principle #5 and connected to #6, #4, #7, #3, #8, #2, #9 and the Vision #1, the OHI.

The Corporate 9 Principles
#1. The Holistic Investment Organization Standardizing The Integrity
#2. 9Ps Leadership
#3. All Involvement of 4Bs People
#4. People-Focused Culture
#5. F.R.A. on TLE Process KVI Approach
#6. P.S.N. ENMN Digital System Approach to Administration
#7. D.I.K.I.C. Approach to Decision Making
#8. CI is Essential, DI is more Valuable
#9. All Together Beneficial Relationships with Our Stakeholders, Our Society, Our Environment, Nation Singapore, Planet Earth, Solar Universe & The Infinite Universe

The Corporate Values

Corporate Values rely on the 9 Ultimate & Holistic Corporate Principles. The Corporate emphasis on the Intangible Values. The Corporate define the Ultimate value as Spiritual Intelligence, SQ altogether with PQ, IQ & EQ. The Corporate determine the Holistic Value as PTI, The Financial Value, The Tangible Value & The Intangible Value altogether to All-Stakeholders and our Society, our Environment & our Planet Earth. And sharing of our Genius Love beyond the Earth to the Universe & the Infinite Universe. This is the Ultimate Value that is the teaching of the Buddha.