Waaneiza WorldWide (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

About Us


Prosperity is strengthened through trade. This principle will be proven for centuries. Trade, and the resulting system of globalization, have driven innovation, competition and quality, efficiencies in markets and the allocation of resources, as well as global governance standards and stability.

Waaneiza Worldwide (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. assists numerous manufacturers with opening new foreign markets or growing their market share in developing markets. We provide our manufacturing client with the most inexpensive way to obtain new customers in Myanmar, China, USA, Australia and ASEAN countries where they are underrepresented or do not currently have representation.

As a buyer’s representative, we provide our industrial and commercial customers with the most competitive prices from leading manufacturers in Singapore and ASEAN Countries.

Our principles are to assist our clients in obtaining a variety of products, materials, components and machinery.

Our headquarter is located in Singapore - global logistics hub.